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Innovation Labs for the Future

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  1. Introduction
  2. Week 1
    The importance of government innovation in facing challenges
  3. Government Innovation Lab and its importance
  4. Global practices to enhance citizen participation in the innovation process
  5. The importance of experimenting in the innovation process
  6. The UAE Government Innovation Lab Experience
  7. Government Innovation Lab and Its Methodology
  8. Week 2
    Phases of the Government Innovation Lab (1): Introduction to the preparation phase
  9. The Preparation Phase: Setting the Objective
  10. The Preparation Phase: Identifying Challenges and Stages of Adaptability
  11. The Preparation Phase: The Difference between Technical and Adaptability Challenges
  12. The Preparation Stage: Defining Outputs and Activities
  13. The Preparation Phase: Identifying the Lab's Subject Matter
  14. The Preparation Phase: Choosing the Work groups
  15. The Preparation Phase: Innovation Lab Sessions
  16. The Preparation Phase: Innovation Lab Tools
  17. The Preparation Phase: Preparing and Designing the Content
  18. The Preparation Phase: Choosing Participants for the Lab
  19. The Preparation Phase: Key Factors to Developing Effective Partnerships
  20. The Preparation Phase: Choosing the Innovation Lab's Location, Design, and Media Plan
  21. The Preparation Phase: Choosing and Training Organizers
  22. The Preparation Phase: Holding a Trial Session
  23. Week 3
    Phases of the Government Innovation Lab (2): Introduction to the implementation phase of the innovation lab
  24. Innovation Lab Implementation Phase: Current Situation Analysis Session
  25. Innovation Lab Implementation Phase: A session to develop and detail innovative ideas and solutions
  26. An Example of the Innovation Lab Implementation Phase
  27. Innovation Lab implementation phase: Final presentation session for ideas and solutions
  28. The stages of the Government Innovation Lab (3): The stage after the Government Innovation Lab
  29. Post-government Innovation Lab: Detailed Planning
  30. Post-government Innovation Lab: Stakeholder Management
  31. Leading Change and Implementing Government Innovation Lab Initiatives
  32. Week 4
    Post-government Innovation Lab: Strengthening the Implementation Follow-up Mechanism
  33. Preparing an Intervention Plan to Enact Change
  34. Conducting Experiments and Taking Calculated Risks
  35. Conclusion
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February 14, 2021