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Chinese government uses drones to fight COVID-19

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Drones have become one of the primary means used to counter the coronavirus outbreak in China.
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Drones have become one of the primary means used to counter the coronavirus outbreak in China. Among the tasks they perform are spraying sterile materials on villages, limiting public gatherings and facilitating construction and construction. Drones can also support China's attempts to fight the virus in public spaces as they provide more coverage than traditional means and reduce the risks to workers from exposure to the virus and disinfectants.

Monitor public gatherings and inform individuals

Local governments have installed loudspeakers on drones to limit public gatherings and have also used them to warn people, remind them of curfew times, and alert them if they go out without wearing a mask. These aircraft were also used to carry and display signs that raise community awareness about precautions to be taken.

Thermal cameras installed on the drones were used to monitor the temperature of individuals so that medical staff could identify new potential cases without direct exposure. In Shanghai, Drones were launched on the city's roads to monitor as officials checked passenger temperatures. Other tasks aircraft carry out to reduce the spread of the virus include monitoring activities such as traffic congestion and waste disposal. Zhongshan also uses drones to supervise the disposal of medical waste in hospitals.

At the state level, Chinese citizens have resorted to putting sterilization materials in crop spray planes, Drones have been used in Chinese villages to spray sanitizers to help limit the spread of the virus.

Facilitate construction and construction processes

The Chinese government has built two massive temporary hospitals in Wuhan in just a few days in response to the need for more hospital beds after the number runs out. Due to the lack of sufficient lamps to illuminate streets and construction sites, Six large drones were used to cruise over the site and provide enough lighting for construction workers to complete the task in record time around the clock daily.

Drone Delivery Service

Other uses of these aircraft are delivery service, The outbreak has resulted in millions of families staying at home to avoid contact with others. This made contactless delivery the perfect choice to meet the needs of individuals under quarantine. Entities can also use them to send food, supplies and medicines, while ensuring that there is no direct contact to reduce the risk of infection.

This crisis has provided valuable opportunities to discover new ways to use drones to curb the spread of COVID-19 not only in China but around the world.

Source: https://www.opengovasia.com/how-drones-are-assisting-government-in-china-fight-covid-19/

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