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How a small American town launched the first police march program

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To take the work of law enforcement to a new level, The U.S. Chula Vista City Police Department has gone on a long journey to start using the marches in its work, It sends them to accident sites before police officers to gather critical information and forensic evidence and support decision-making.
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To take the work of law enforcement to a new level, The U.S. Chula Vista City Police Department has gone on a long journey to start using the marches in its work, It sends them to accident sites before police officers to gather critical information and forensic evidence and support decision-making.

Since the invention of marches appeared, Some found a way to photograph places from a height or to deliver some food or medicine to remote areas, Others argue that the most important thing about it is its ability to go to dangerous locations where sending people cannot be sacrificed.

The term "dangerous sites" here is not limited to land that has been hit by an earthquake or forest consumed by fire, It also includes crime scenes, a point where hostages are being held, contraband smugglers are gathering or an area where a child is missing. The cases may be much simpler, For example, the duty officer receives two calls at the same time, He is forced to respond to only one of them. Difficult situations that American society knows well because it has witnessed many of them, Often, Police officers were unable to arrive at the right moment, de-escalate, rescue victims, or enter buildings that might contain explosives or firearms.

In San Diego County, The Chula Vista City Police Department has developed an innovative software that uses drones to respond to emergencies and provide officers with what is needed to take appropriate action. This department is responsible for protecting more than 270,000 people in the city. Who are used to seeing 29 drones flying over their homes for 10 hours every day.

The project was initiated by the formation of what the Department called the Autonomous Aerial Systems Committee to examine the prospects for using technology to improve public safety operations and develop best practices and policies. The Commission's work focused on establishing trust and preserving civil liberties and privacy while increasing security.

After the Committee reached a draft of the plan, Published through the media, It held discussions with the public in forums, on its official website, via social media and email, To see their opinions and concerns, I came out of it with a basic rule that cannot be reversed, Its policy prohibits the use of drones for public surveillance or periodic inspections.

After years during which the Federal Aviation Administration limited the drone operation to the operators' vision, The Chula Vista Police Department has obtained the first exception for sending aircraft to the so-called "beyond sight", This means it can travel higher for longer distances. Subsequently, Hundreds of government agencies have joined the "Marches as First Response Teams" program. They are sent to the locations of emergency service callers during a call.

For this purpose, The planes are equipped with cameras that can record high-resolution videos, It is wirelessly connected to the operations center, These footage is displayed directly on the screen of the duty official and on the phones of respondents and supervisors wherever they are. This program is proactive rather than retroactive.

In a hypothetical scenario, before police forces enter any suspicious location, A drone can be used to tour the top of the place and show the whereabouts of the aggressors, victims or dangerous materials, It helps the officer in charge prioritize the mission or communicate with elements on the ground and provide them with information and next steps.

When two simultaneous crimes occur, There is only one officer, The first was an armed robbery, for example, And the second is a bag pickpocket accident, The officer can head to the site of the robbery and send a march to surreptitiously track down the pickpocket.

In extremely dangerous situations, A march that flies at a height of more than 130 meters can be used so that almost no one notices its presence.

It is worth noting that 1,500 police departments in the United States use drones for search and rescue operations, chasing suspects and documenting crime scenes. It is expected to be fully authorized by the FAA in the coming period.

This concept is still in its early stages, Therefore, there are many challenges in front of him, Most notably, the urban environment is so complex that it can make it difficult to control the marches.

To achieve its true effectiveness, Routers need proper infrastructure and strict safety regulations, Especially given the concerns of a significant percentage of the public, They argue that a shift of this kind requires more time, more thorough discussions, and more reliable safeguards to preserve people's privacy and freedoms.

On the other side, These marches have been operating in Chula Vista for 3 years, She played the role of first responder in more than 8,400 separate incidents ranging from riots, domestic violence and car accidents. It also helped arrest more than 950 wanted persons. Important footage reused during criminal trials improved conviction rates.

The average router response time for high-priority calls was 3.9 minutes, Compared to 6.3 minutes, the average speed of police units was reached. In cases of second-level priority, The average response time was 6.2 minutes compared to 10.5 minutes for police units. The figures show that only one operator can help the marchers check a quarter of the calls received to the police department without sending any team, This means conserving resources, saving operational costs, increasing the efficiency of law enforcement, the safety of police officers and the protection of the community.


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