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Do you run an innovative project within the public sector?
Share your public entity's experience with Ibtker to benefit others.

About the

Ibtekr invites the government employees from around the world to share their success stories of impactful disruptive innovations as the platform seeks to identify, document and share government innovations to inspire and support the governments across the world to adopt the culture of innovation and make it a daily practice in the government work.

The importance of participation

  • Shedding light on your organization and highlighting it as a role model in the field of government innovation by including it in the Government Innovations Report

  • Enhance your position as a reference and source of inspiration for others in the field of government innovation

  • Join the community of government innovators whose expertise and participation will be used in special events

How is the innovation assessed?

  • Novelty: The newness criterion evaluates how different the new solution is from existing solutions, and to what extent government innovation relies on new models, processes and technologies, and the participation of new entities or individuals to provide the desired impact

  • Replicability: The criterion of repeatability includes two different dimensions: the first is the reproducibility of the challenge addressed by the solution - the extent of its spread, and the second is the reproducibility of using this solution - the ease of adoption of the solution in other entities or countries

  • Impact: The impact criterion addresses the scope and seriousness of the challenge that government innovation seeks to solve, in addition to the extent to which the solution contributes to improving the quality of life

How to participate?

  • Fill out the online participation form available on the observatory

  • Upload a video recorded orally by one of the innovation team, with a duration not exceeding 5 minutes, to explain the idea of ​​the submitted innovation, without exceeding the limit of 32 megabytes

  • The submitted innovations will be considered and studied by specialized experts from the Ibtekr platform team

  • You will be contacted to send any additional materials that support the innovation idea (files, presentations or statistics)

Submit your innovation

Our team looks for experiences and innovations within entities involved in the development of innovative practices and solutions in the public sector.
مرصد الابتكار الحكومي (#12)
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Before submitting the initiative, please consider the following requirements that must be met in order to present the innovation on the Ibtekr platform

  • The initiative belongs to a government agency concerned with innovation.
  • A government entity launched the initiative with a leading role in its design, development, or implementation, or that entity was a crucial partner in the innovation despite directing or implementing it by an external entity (such as a company, civil society organization, or individual).
  • The government sector entity is responsible for the results of innovation and/or benefits from those results in one way or another.
  • Innovation is new and noval
  • Innovation in action
  • Innovation is at a stage when it has begun to reach its target users or beneficiaries.
  • The plans/strategies/goals of a future innovation project do not qualify unless they are implemented and verified in one way or another
  • The innovation initiative has achieved or is likely to achieve a tangible impact on members of society, for example:
    • Efficiency - improving results relative to inputs.
    • Efficacy - improving the ability to achieve specific goals.
    • Quality of Service (in terms of):
      • Accessibility - Improve the ease of access to and use of services. These examples may relate to cost, geographic distance, number of service providers, and availability.
      • Responsiveness - such as responding to the needs and opinions of different users.
      • Reliability - such as service accuracy and overall consistency with challenges.
      • User Satisfaction - Significant improvement in user satisfaction.

The submitted innovations are considered and studied by specialized experts from the MBRCGI team. Cases that meet the above-mentioned criteria are published within the global innovations presented on the platform.