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Singapore and Abu Dhabi successfully implement the world's first digital trade finance pilot model

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Considering that international trade forms the backbone of Singapore's open economy, The Singapore Information Media Development Authority, Working with many agencies and industry partners both domestically and abroad, to create a platform called TradeTrust, As a comprehensive solution to the challenges posed by traditional means of conducting cross-border trade transactions.
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Having developed a platform that offers a comprehensive solution to the long-standing challenges of cross-border paper trade, Recently successfully completed the world's first digital trade finance trial, Implemented by the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) and the Information Media Development Authority of Singapore, the Monetary Authority of Singapore, In cooperation with a number of business partners. The experience provided stakeholders with proof of the authenticity and ownership of digital documents used in trade finance. It made it possible to validate documents digitally even though they are listed on different trade finance platforms, It also allowed the exchange of these documents with third parties in real time.

It may seem surprising that the cross-border international trade finance sector, Still far from the world of digitization, Despite the significant and remarkable development made by various financial sectors, From banks, central banks, insurance institutions and the like. Cross-border trade finance continues to rely significantly on paper documents and non-digital processes. This makes it vulnerable to various fraud, manipulation and forgery, as well as unintentional spontaneous mistakes, excessive delays in the completion of operations, Due to the complex flow of transactions and the multiplicity of interested parties. Traditional digitization efforts to date have only resulted in fragmented digital systems operating in isolation, in a manner that prevents the implementation of any automated and efficient electronic document exchange process.

Considering that international trade forms the backbone of Singapore's open economy, The Singapore Information Media Development Authority, Working with many agencies and industry partners both domestically and abroad, to create a platform called TradeTrust, As a comprehensive solution to the challenges posed by traditional means of conducting cross-border trade transactions.

The idea of innovation was for the Trade Trust platform to adopt a multi-pronged approach, As an interoperability framework that supports the requirements of various trade documents for cross-border paperless trade; a digital tool used by system workers without the need for any additional modification; and an easy-to-use reference application that acts as a neutral mechanism for self-verification of interoperability. The platform was also keen to adopt a set of internationally accepted standards and frameworks, that connect governments and businesses using blockchain technology, to ensure that parties and client banks can verify the issued documents in terms of their origin and authenticity, and to provide reliable interoperability of e-commerce documents across different digital platforms, This helps mitigate fraud risks, reduce costs, and improve trust and efficiency.

Practically Need cross-border trade, Like any other business transaction to two parties, Seller and buyer, Or exporter and importer. The innovation was implemented through the world's first digital trade finance experience in collaboration with the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Abu Dhabi Global Market. the Singapore Information Media Development Authority, the Monetary Authority of Singapore, This allowed the exchange of electronic bills of lading in both countries, This was also done in partnership with business partners DBS, Emirates NBD and Standard Chartered.

The experiment used the Trade Trust platform to facilitate the transfer of electronic records between jurisdictions that adopted the UNCITRAL Model Law on Electronic Transferable Records. Where the identification process for digital documents was legally coordinated, Such as electronic bills of lading, across both jurisdictions, In a move that paves the way for smoother, simpler and faster digital transactions.

Officials believe that the success of this experiment supports the large global trade movement led by the Group of Seven industrialized countries. on the Adoption of Electronic Transferable Records in International Business Operations. and promotes the global trade of the economies of these countries, and its trend towards digitally transferable records in international trade, Whereas this solution is in line with the UNCITRAL Global Model Law on Electronic Transferable Records adopted by Singapore in legislation, As it offers a digital tool available for free along with a reference application designed to comply with the requirements of this law.

The TradeTrust platform brings many benefits to the global trade, finance and logistics community. One of the most prominent is to increase efficiency by reducing the risk of false documents or information, Sources will be recorded steadily without the need for frequent checks by various parties to confirm the authenticity of the documents received; lower documentation costs as digitizing paper documents eliminates the costs of printing, handling and transporting hundreds of pages between multiple parties for a single shipment of goods; and supporting new services through digitization and interoperability; As well as making it possible to automate key processes, By automating payments or freeing up funds using smart contracts when conditions are met.

The transparency and integrity of shipping operations also serve to reduce some of the risks of cargo insurance, Insurance contractors can review the pricing method of goods insurance premiums, The premium is priced dynamically during the movement of goods during their journey, Instead of fixed pricing, This further reduces the shipping cost.



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