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Canada Reaps Results of Innovation Superclusters Initiative

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Offering super assemblies, In addressing Canada's economic challenges, effective solutions to drive the country's economy forward, They represent areas of business-intensive activity that support innovation and development in vital sectors such as technology and industry.
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Offering super assemblies, In addressing Canada's economic challenges, effective solutions to drive the country's economy forward, They represent areas of business-intensive activity that support innovation and development in vital sectors such as technology and industry.

Many forms of economic blocs are spread globally, Most seek to transform science and talent into business outcomes based on collaboration networks that enable the sharing of innovations and expertise among industry leaders.

The Canadian economy suffers from stumbling blocks related to limited intersectoral cooperation, weak intellectual property protection and the urgent need to create more jobs, Especially for marginalized groups, the government's 2017 budget included an innovation and skills plan, according to which, Today, the Foundation for Innovation, Science and Economic Development in Canada is leading an economic program called the Innovation Super-clusters initiative. It injects nearly a billion dollars of federal government funding into a joint investment between it and industry. to be used in proportionate financing, It is a financing strategy based on similar amounts of investment between the government and the private sector.

Each of the super-innovation clusters is a distinct, independent, non-profit entity, Led by a board of directors of leaders in the field in which it specializes, It is similar to other groupings in the responsibilities entrusted to it, They are: Management of operations and activities, Strategic prioritization, Fair and organized selection and financing of projects. Clusters usually consist of large and small companies, academic and research institutions, non-profit organizations, Destinations that play the role of accelerators and incubators.

There are currently five major gatherings in Canada inviting partners to engage in large-scale projects to accelerate growth in some promising areas. Such as a digital gathering that unleashes the potential of data across larger clusters and cutting-edge applications of augmented reality and cloud computing, He created the first visualization platform that monitors precious metals at a depth of up to one kilometer in a process known as "low-impact mining". The Plant Protein Industry Consortium is another example that uses plant genomics and digital solutions to increase the value of Canada's staple crops such as legumes and wheat. To serve the growing markets in North America, Asia and Europe for modern foods and plant-based alternatives to meat. The Advanced Industry Cluster also builds next-generation manufacturing capabilities such as robots and 3D printers. He developed the first fully automated steel fabrication process to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Another cluster is concerned with building smart supply chains by bringing together the retail, manufacturing, transportation, infrastructure and ICT sectors. One of the group's teams is developing a software platform that will help home care agencies manage their services and staff during the COVID-19 pandemic. As for the "ocean pool", It focuses on bringing together the strengths of Canadian saltwater companies, Whether in the fields of renewable energy or aquaculture and fishing, or oil and gas, defense, or shipbuilding, or navigation or technologies.

Communities are committed to gender equality, It seeks to support underrepresented and racist segments of society. The Oceans Caucus has created job opportunities for indigenous people to offer practical experience and broader career options. Workshops and trainings are also held based on the needs of the members, The Smart Supply Cluster provides member development opportunities and seeks to implement plans to train 12,500 pre-university students.

The program focuses on the strategic use of IP to support corporate growth, It can create intellectual property assets to ensure the protection of inventions, technologies, software, proprietary information, trademarks, and more. To achieve this, Each community should adopt a special IP strategy, appoint an internal director to handle it, and establish a database of IP information; Members are also committed to developing an IP agreement for each technology project.

To determine the effectiveness of the experiment, The Foundation for Innovation, Science and Economic Development will continue to progress towards the goal of creating 50,000 jobs and contributing $50 billion to GDP. Especially considering the challenges of governance, the first of which was Negotiations with the government took a long time after the government set strict requirements on board composition, how funding flows, annual reports, and accountability to taxpayers. The first gatherings were also criticized for being slow in terms of spending and commitment. To which the organizers of the program replied that it is not a grant program, Rather, it is a joint investment that requires lengthy work and building relationships before achieving the results that have exceeded expectations so far. With more than 400 projects underway, 332 of which are led by SMEs, 1,200 new products, processes or services developed through more than 1,755 partnerships, And 11,000 jobs were created.

Super gatherings may not be a priority for decision-makers when formulating post-pandemic policies. Due to the new reality, But it remains an important trend in the government's drive to "reimagine" the economy.

Technology clusters improve services and efficiency in the natural resources, precision health and manufacturing sectors, The "plant-based protein pool" attracts premium markets for Canadian agricultural products, While the Industrial Cluster maintains Canada's position and participation in the global digital transformation, The "intelligent supply pool" establishes seamless links that enable new tools and predict product demand locations and timing, Sales increase with their direct mechanism of action. As for the "ocean pool", It improves maritime operations, the safety of its personnel and enhances the sustainability of resources.

In addition to leading Canada to a global leader, Communities help build a skilled and diverse workforce, It connects hundreds of partners to address common challenges, It also attracts talent, capital and startups, It allows SMEs to grow faster, benefit from expertise, create new markets and access IP, It enriches the global market by fostering more productive industries, healthier ecosystems and more diverse jobs.





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