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It is a four-week MOOC that aims to raise awareness of the 100-day mechanism, which aims to develop innovative solutions and achieve a sustainable future.

Published on Feb - 2023
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About the MOOC

How can an inherently complex government structure embrace notions of flexibility and rapid adaptation? And how can challenges be addressed and the pace of action be pushed towards achieving ambitious government goals within a short period of time? Through this course, the experience of the United Arab Emirates, represented by launching the first government accelerators in the world, will be presented. It is a new government mechanism aimed at accelerating the achievement of the national agenda for the UAE Vision 2021. It will review how the UAE government activates policies and provides services quickly and effectively in light of the rapid changes and changing technological developments by adopting a new methodology aimed at intensifying efforts and accelerating the pace towards the future.

For more information about the government accelerators, please visit our website at https://www.accelerators.gov.ae

What the MOOC will bring you

  • obtain a certificate of completion attested by the course
  • Add the certificate to your CV and gain more experience
  • Increasing your job opportunities and your practical development in your field

What you'll learn:

  • The Essence of the 100-day Challenge: Unearth the foundational principles of the 100-day challenge, diving deep into its mechanics, goals, and the strategic rationale behind its creation.
  • Leadership & Collaborative Synergy: Dive into the heart of team dynamics, understanding the critical balance between visionary leadership and the operational teams that bring visions to life. Grasp the importance of stakeholder management, where every voice, from senior sponsors to ground-level executors, plays a pivotal role.
  • Milestone Management: Beyond just celebrating milestones, learn the art of setting them—determining key performance indicators, tracking progress, and leveraging successes to drive momentum.
  • Interactive Platform Mastery: Gain hands-on experience with the electronic accelerators platform. Discover its features, from challenge monitoring to advanced communication tools, ensuring seamless project management.
  • Sustainability & Long-Term Impact: Understand the strategies to transition from short-term wins to long-term impacts. Learn how to ensure that accelerated projects don't just achieve their immediate goals but set the foundation for sustained benefits.
  • Case Studies & Real-World Examples: Engage with detailed case studies, dissecting successful projects to understand the strategies employed, challenges faced, and solutions devised.

Who this is for: Aimed at ambitious government officials, proactive project managers, public sector leaders, and anyone with a fervor for understanding and driving change in governmental landscapes. If you're looking to be at the forefront of public sector transformation, this course is your gateway.

Why Enroll: Beyond theoretical knowledge, this course offers actionable insights, hands-on tools, and real-world examples, ensuring learners are well-equipped to drive change. Whether you're an experienced public sector professional or an enthusiast keen on understanding governmental innovation, this course promises a comprehensive, insightful, and transformative learning experience.