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The Innovations from the Nation report monitors 25 innovative government initiatives that were implemented in the government sector in the UAE, which reflects the government's continuous commitment to spreading a culture of innovation in government work to keep pace with rapid development and develop innovative initiatives that positively contribute to improving the lives of individuals and societies. These innovations were selected based on key evaluation criteria such as novelty, reproducibility, and impact.
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A series of reports on government innovations from around the world

The rapid changes in our current era require the need for governments to move from the analysis stage to the implementation stage quickly and proactively in line with the renewed global trends and to keep pace with rapid development through the use of innovative tools in identifying opportunities, challenges, and future directions to develop innovative ideas and turn them into plans and strategies that can be applied on the ground and ultimately reflects positively on the lives of individuals and societies. Transformation is the hallmark of 2020. In conjunction with the publication of this report, the world is facing an enormous group of challenges and changes that force us to change our basic concepts to deal properly Unconventional to contain the crisis Covid 19 - on the one hand, and to keep pace with technological developments in light of the fourth industrial revolution on the other hand, which will contribute to achieving positive outputs and effects, especially with the development of means of communication and the fading of the boundaries between the physical and digital worlds, starting with From cloud computing platforms and big data to the Internet of Things and smart government applications, and other tools that reflect the development of the language of governments everywhere around the world and reveal The nature of innovative services that adapt advanced technology to provide better services to its citizens. Unlike ever before, technology has become closely linked to the governance and operational processes in the government sector with the aim of designing innovative products, services, and policies. Several major initiatives have been launched around the world to emphasize the importance of innovation in government work. Based on the forward-looking vision of the UAE government, the country has intensified its efforts to enhance innovation capabilities in federal and local government agencies. It has achieved many achievements in this field. Today, the UAE is the most innovative country in the Arab world and one of the top three countries in the field of innovation in North Africa and West Asia, according to the Global Innovation Index 2020.

At the end of 2019, the Mohammed Bin Rashid Center for Government Innovation invited all government agencies at the federal and local levels in the UAE to monitor and document government innovations in the United Arab Emirates. The number of participations exceeded expectations. The total number of submissions reached 550 innovations from 128 government agencies in the UAE. Contributions were at the level of federal and local government agencies, where the federal government agencies participated by 25%. In comparison, the participation of local government agencies at the level of the seven emirates reached 75%. These innovations provide a clear example of the active participation of government agencies in making innovation a daily practice in government work. Accordingly, a team of experts followed an accurate and comprehensive evaluation mechanism to evaluate and select the best innovations that meet the evaluation criteria previously defined in the invitation, such as modernity, reproducibility, and impact. The work team conducted field visits and personal interviews to document the innovations qualified. The report includes 25 of the most important innovations implemented from 2017 to 2020, reflecting the continuous commitment of government agencies to spread and consolidate the culture of innovation.

The report sheds light on the novelty of projects that are characterized by the orientation of teamwork rather than individual, as many of these innovations are the result of an idea that was presented by an employee in different sectors and departments and was developed and implemented through a team worked from within the government entity itself. Finally, we hope these innovations will be a source of inspiration for everyone who has the passion and desire to improve their communities and countries and adapt these innovative ideas in a way that contributes to making the government more efficient and effective.