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The platform provides a comprehensive knowledge database that includes global innovation case studies monitored and documented based on the latest global and local government policies and innovations in various fields. The ultimate goal is to spread awareness and to share experiences and best practices across the whole world. New innovations are being published weekly on the platform and they are also included in Ibtekr weekly newsletter that is being circulated to the MBCRGI contacts database and Ibtekr subscribers.

Latest Cases
🇦🇪 Innovations from the UAE
Ibtekr captures the most innovative government policies and initiatives from UAE in UAE innovations report. The purpose of documenting and sharing those best practices is to spread awareness among the Arab world on UAE innovations.
🦠 Innovations from COVID-19
Ibtekr addresses the most innovative government policies and initiatives from around the world. The purpose of codifying and transmitting these experiences is to spread awareness among government employees throughout the Middle East, exchange experiences and review useful mechanisms and ideas for dealing with the epidemic.